NE Helping Hands Ltd is assisting those who are homeless or in housing poverty in the North East and surrounding districts. One way we can help is through providing for and clothing.


This is done by a dedicated team of staff who work alongside other organisations to provide support. The ultimate goal of this work is to find suitable long term accommodation for homeless clients, and to equip them with skills needed to sustain a tenancy.


Alongside this work we also provide for clients immediate needs i.e.  food, shower and laundry facilities. The food service relies upon one part time staff member and many dedicated volunteers.

We work with people from many varied backgrounds where circumstance has led them to be sleeping rough, or struggling to manage their own accommodation.
 Alongside this work we are looking at provide for clients immediate needs i.e.  food, shower and laundry facilities.

We also visit our clients in their homes in order to enable them to maintain their accommodation. This  work assists our client’s by supporting them to learn to set up their own tenancies and to teach them to budget, deal with debts and liaise with various agencies so they are empowered to deal with any issues they may encounter in the future.

Anyone Wishing To Contact NE Helping Hands Ltd Please Feel Free To Contact Us Facebook Where One Of Our Team Will Be Happy To help.

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